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Grape Variety
l00% Aglianico

The grapes are harvested atfu/1 maturity and then destemmed. This is followed by a cold maceration to optimize the extraction of fruity aromas and anthocyanins, thanks to afermentation at contro/led temperature. Afier a period of maturation of the wine – minimum one year – the preparation of Cerri Merry begins, according to our secret recipe. This involves the use ofjuice and inji1sion ofthe leaves of amarena cherries, alcohol of agricultural origin, and sugar.

Organoleptic Profile
Color: Intense ruby red
Nose:Fruits oftheforest and black cherries, with a complex bouquet ofspice and liquorice.
Palate: Very expressive, fruity aromas, spicy, sofi, not too alcoholic.

Cerry merry goes well with ali kind of desserts. It is delicious reduced to a syrup and added to a
fruit salad served with ice cream. It is perfect as an after dinnerdrink served cold or at room temperature.

COCKTAILS recipies:
Cerri Royal: Add 5 mi ofCerri Merry to a glass of sparkling wine.
Cerri Breeze: Mix l /3 Cerri Merry, l 13
sparkling wine and 1/3 tonic water.
Cerri Max: in a shaker mix 1/2 Cerri Merry, 1/4
orangejuice and 1/4 tonic water.
Shake and pour into a glass with ice.
Decorate with an olive or cherry.