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CERRI MERRY comes from an ancient family recipe that combines the aromas of black cherry with Aglianico grapes, coming from our own vineyards. The result is an aromatized wine of high aromatic complexity and finesse.

Ingredients: Contains wine, sugar, alcohol, black cherry juice, natural flavourings

Contiene solfiti, Contains Sulfites, Enthält Sulfite, Contient des sulfites, Bevat Sulfieten, Indeholder Sulfitter, Innehaller Sulfiter


The grapes of Aglianico, harvested at the time of their complete ripeness, are destemmed. This is followed by cold maceration, a process that optimizes the extraction of fruity aromas and color and fermentation at low temperature. After a period of maturation of the wine, for at least a year, begins the preparation of Cerri Merry according to a recipe of our secret realization, which involves the use of black cherry juice, alcohol and sugar.

Organoleptic characteristics

Intense ruby red. Endowed with a complex bouquet, with hints of spices, berries and black cherry. On the palate it is soft and gives an enveloping alcoholic sensation.

Cerri Merry lends itself to different combinations:

IN KITCHEN to accompany the duck; to braise all kinds of meat.

END MEAL serve fresh or at room temperature with biscuits.

FOR DESSERT combine it with a chocolate cake, or desserts based on cream and fresh fruit; use it as a reduction based on Cerri Merry poured over ice cream or fresh fruit; flavor fruit salad.

Longevity 20 YEARS