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The Fiano variety is the flagship of Campania oenology. Thanks to its versatility, it is possible to create wines of great quality: in its dried version it enhances the generosity of its area of origin. Chicco d’Oro is a sweet but not cloying wine, pleasant when served fresh to highlight the flavors of Fiano.

Contiene solfiti, Contains Sulfites, Enthält Sulfite, Contient des sulfites, Bevat Sulfieten, Indeholder Sulfitter, Innehaller Sulfiter

Grape variety: 100% Fiano.

Production area: The vineyards are located in the area between Luogosano and Sant’Angelo all’Esca. 

Type of soil: Clayey and calcareous soil. 

Vinification: The grapes remain on the vines until November. After this long ripening on the plants, the grapes are harvested and remain on the reeds to obtain a further drying. When the optimal amount of sugar is reached, the grapes are pressed and the must ferments in oak barrels, where it will continue its aging for at least a year before proceeding to bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics

Color: Intense golden yellow.

Bouquet: Honey, ripe apricot, candied fruit, figs, notes of dried fruit and slightly spicy hints. 

Taste: Sweet, smooth and fresh.   

Food pairings: Particularly suitable to accompany dishes based on goose liver or duck gizzard, excellent with refined or blue cheeses. It goes well with all types of biscuits, cakes and desserts based on fruit, cream or ricotta, such as pastiera, sfogliatelle or Sicilian cannoli. Serve cool or at room temperature with biscuits.

Longevity 20 YEARS