The Family

Behind every successful venture is someone who has made a courageous decision


Wine growers for generations

The Pepe family is an ancient one in Irpinia, which has for generations been dedicated to the production of wines, marketed throughout Italy and internationally.

Entrepreneur Angelo Pepe, following his intuition and driven by a love for his land, worked hard to write the next chapter in the family’s history. The result was Tenuta Cavalier Pepe, cellar, winery, restaurant and hospitality that has become a centre for wine production and tourism of the highest quality.

Angelo Pepe’s foresight was rewarded in 1998 when then Italian President, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, appointed him a “Knight of the Republic” for the value of his work.

The Cavalier Pepe’s eldest daughter, Milena, is a graduate of viticulture and oenology in France and marketing in Belgium. Today, she leads the family estate with charisma and expertise, ensuring that the wines meet the highest standards.


We want you to discover our land through our products. We want to show you the genuine and authentic taste of our terroir.

Will and Passion

Will and passion are the words that best characterise Tenuta Cavalier Pepe. The estate cultivates the vines with the greatest respect for the natural balance of the terroir. As a farmer dedicates his life to caring for the land, the estate yields the fruits that nature offers in return for patient and respectful work in the vineyard.

Tenuta Cavalier Pepe aims to produce wines that best express the unique typicity of the Irpinia region. These unique and recognisable tasting characteristics allow for numerous food and wine pairings.

"Working and Believing"

This is the motto of the Pepe family and has indeed become the company philosophy at Tenuta Cavalier Pepe.


Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is managed by people who are bold and courageous, not afraid to get involved and to open themselves to new horizons.

They respect tradition, but they are modern in their thinking, and above all, they have the utmost respect for the natural environment. “Behind every successful business, there is someone who has made a bold decision.”


The Pepe family’s dedication to pursuing quality in their wines is driven by passion. This same passion drives the world-class hospitality that is offered at the estate. Tenuta Cavalier Pepe is a comfortable environment, equally suitable for long stays as for one-day visits. The company’s mission is to help guests discover the wines, the history and the terroir, and specialized staff are on hand to give wine tourists a warm welcome and guide them through a veritable food and wine experience.

Our wine tours and events include a visit to the vineyards and the winery and tastings guided with care and professionalism. Visitors interested in gastronomy can enjoy wine pairings with typical local products and, on request, a lunch at La Collina, the estate’s restaurant.

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