A concrete commitment


We have always defended the quality of the Irpinian territory and its winemaking tradition.
Becoming sustainable

Our journey

We wanted to formalize our commitment to sustainability through the development of a specific management system, starting with a written and shared commitment called the Sustainability Policy, and culminating in another document called the Sustainability Report, which outlines the outcomes of this commitment.

Between these two documents, there are manuals, procedures, forms, reporting, controls, planning, and improvement monitoring.

We subjected our commitments and activities to independent verification, obtaining sustainability certification in the wine sector according to the EQUALITAS – SUSTAINABLE ORGANIZATIONS standard.

The certification process concluded on 03/10/2022, with the issuance of the certificate by Agroqualità SpA.

Our mission

Wine is made in the vineyard.
The company philosophy has always placed viticulture at the center, supporting the legacy that: “Wine is made in the vineyard.” Not coincidentally, the Pepe family has been dedicated to grape production for many years, seeking in tradition and a respect for naturalness the best way to express themselves.  

Providing the excellence of the territory, or rather, “that song of the earth towards the sky,” which was the poetic definition of wine coined by Mario Soldati, is the mission and essential vision of the company. It is a goal we pursue through a sustainable vocation and achievable with a judicious use of innovation.

Eco-sustainability has always been ingrained in our DNA. Every day, we commit ourselves to preserving and enhancing the quality of the natural resources of the territory, extending it throughout the entire production cycle, starting from the first link in the supply chain.


Sustainable Quality

The SQNPI certificate represents a guarantee of quality and another step by the estate towards an eco-sustainable vision.

The certificate attests that all activities in the vineyard adhere to the SQNPI protocol, which involves the elimination of pesticides with low safety margins.

This signifies not only the safeguarding of the health of the territory and consumers but also the health of our vine growers, who are the first to be lovers of wine and masters of tradition.

Precision Agriculture

A pioneering method to safeguard the environment

Precision agriculture is a management strategy in which data is collected, processed, analyzed, and integrated to guide decisions and enhance efficiency in the use of resources, productivity, quality, profitability, and the sustainability of agricultural production.

Since 2019, we have been investing in state-of-the-art weather stations to monitor real-time climatic conditions in the vineyard.

We have joined SENSOBIO, and with pride, we use pioneering methods to work at our best while safeguarding the environment.

SENSOBIO is an experimental project that aims to use advanced, environmentally friendly technologies for vineyard monitoring. It involves the use of eco-friendly and biodegradable sensors, allowing for an improvement in agricultural management.

The practice of bud grafting, done directly in the field with the guidance of Marc Birebent, allows plants to live longer and in a healthier manner. This technique is gentler and less traumatic for the plant at the grafting point. Mass selection aims to maintain the maximum genetic variability within the same grape variety.

The extra push

Mass selection

For several years now, Tenuta Cavalier Pepe has embarked on the path of mass selection for planting new vineyards. With the assistance of expert nurserymen like Marco Moroni, and by closely observing our historic vineyards and those of some viticulturist friends, the best plants of Aglianico, Coda di Volpe, Greco, and Falanghina are selected and isolated. From these, cuttings are taken for rootstocks or for direct grafting in the field onto wild vines.

The result allows for plants with diverse physiological and productive characteristics: from resistance to water stress and diseases to the grape ripening period, as well as the size and characteristics of the cluster.

While this undoubtedly entails a greater workload, both in terms of monitoring the vines over the years to understand which ones to reproduce and in terms of diversifying interventions within the vineyard vine by vine, it leads to a balance of results and, consequently, a more harmonious wine.

The greatness and beauty of a wine arise from the interaction of thousands of different vines, where each one interprets the territory in a distinct way.

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